Our Theology affects the way we live by John McCarty

by Potters_Freedom

Our theology not only affects the way in which we live, but the success and effectiveness of the way in which we live our lives. If our God is sovereign and effective in all that He does and successfully accomplishes all His desired ends it follows that it will affect the way in which men lead their families, love their wives and raise their children. One of my great regrets is that I learned this precious truth way too late in life.

If one believes that the finished work of Christ on the cross simply made salvation possible based upon the decisions of fallen, sinful, unregenerate men rather than actually accomplishing everything God intended for it to accomplish…and that’s the salvation of every one of His elect then you have an impotent God and an ineffective gospel that produces ineffective and unsuccessful leaders in the home, ineffective and unsuccessful in loving their wives as Christ loved the church and an ineffective couples in raising their children, which of course results in an ineffective church, which teaches an ineffective gospel which in turn produces ineffective families, which is of course an endless cycle which only God can break when people begin to understand and embrace the truths who He really is.

On the cross, Christ actually conquered sin and death, and actually ransomed a people for Himself, a people to be called by His name. The cross was efficacious, and the evangelical church used to bear consistent testimony to that truth. When the gospel is understood, and husbands are exhorted to imitate Christ in His love for the church in their love for their wives, they undertake the imitation of an efficacious love. But in the last century, the church has slowly drifted away from this scriptural understanding of the cross. The power of the cross to save sinners began to be denied, but for evangelicals the cross still had to mean something. As a result the church began to emphasize the sentiment of Christ’s loving instead of the efficacy and power of Christ’s love. Softly and tenderly Jesus was calling, and evangelicals, en masse, began to leave home. You ask the typical Christian who Christ died for and they will immediately say that “He died for me”……In a very real sense that is true, however we were not at the forefront of Christ thinking. One song says “When He was on the cross I was on His mind.” Can you see how man centered that is? We were not the ones primarily on His mind, check out the scriptures and you will see that the FATHER was the one on Christ mind….primarily Christ died for the Father…and until we get our thinking and understanding of the cross God centered we will continue to have a man centered response to the cross and to the gospel. We must understand, as our Christian forefathers did, that before the cross can be for us it must first be for the Father. That is one reason we know that all that Christ did, from the time He left the portals of glory, took on our humanity, became obedient to death on a cross, was buried, resurrected and ascended back to the Father was effective and He successfully accomplished all the Father intended for it to accomplish.

The results of preaching and teaching an impotent God have been devastating on the church and on families. The efficacy of love was abandoned and the sentiment of loving was enthroned and when that happened men became impotent in their imitation of an impotent Lord.

What we must recognize and acknowledge is that our culture’s current revolt against the Most High was one that began in the families of the church, among those who professed the Lord’s name. Salt that loses its savor is trampled by men. Husbands who do not imitate the efficacious love of Christ will see their families trampled as well and that is what we have seen happen over the last century since the church has abandoned the doctrines of God’s Sovereign Grace.

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