Young People…don’t believe the lie!

by Potters_Freedom

Young people…who told you the lie that if it makes you happy it’s alright to do it? Who told you that God isn’t concerned about the little things in your life, therefore it’s alright for you to do whatever you feel will bring you a little happiness? Who told you the lie that you must live your life for yourself even if it hurts the one’s you love. I can tell you who didn’t tell you that lie…it wasn’t the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact he said in Luk 9:23 “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.

Denying one’s self means being willing to renounce any so-called right to plan or choose whatever makes you happy, and to recognize His Lordship over every area of your life. The Christian life is about deliberately choosing the kind of life the LORD Jesus Christ lived. It’s about not only serving others but about laying down our lives for them if need be. Laying down our lives doesn’t necessarily mean physical death, but it does mean dying to self.

One the other hand dying to self or losing our lives for the sake of the Savior, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, yielding ourselves to Him has a joy, a holy carefreeness, and satisfaction that defies description and it’s the only way to true happiness. True happiness comes from giving ourselves away, both to Christ and to one another.

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