Living?? Who yea gonna live it for?

by Potters_Freedom

Sad to say, but we still live in a “If it feels good do it” world or said another way “do whatever makes you happy” world. The problem with that philosophy is that doing what feels good or whatever makes you happy is short lived and then it’s on to something else one hopes will make them happy or feel good. Eventually this philosophy only makes the person that much more miserable because living to satisfy one’s own selfish desires can’t and will never lead to lasting happiness. The self serving, self-centered, self seeking person can never find joy in living life for themselves. God created us to serve and enjoy Him and one another and the only way to real and lasting happiness is to live your life to please Him, not self. So what is it that most pleases God other than His own Son….well it’s when we enjoy and delight ourselves in Him and who He is in and of Himself and doing what pleases Him the most, not what pleases us the most. As John Piper once said…God is the most glorified when we are the most satisfied in Him. Does Jesus satisfy the deepest longing of your heart or are you filling it with the things this fallen world has to offer?

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