Myanmar Inland Missions (Burma)

The country The country of Myanmar was formerly known as Burma, before the current military junta took control. In addition to re-naming the country, most of the cities were also given new names.

The military government has declared the nation a Buddhist state. Buddhists comprise 89 percent of the population, while Christians make up 4 percent, and Muslims, Hindus, and other religions make up the remainder.

Myanmar is one of the poorest nations on earth with an economy that is being destroyed by double and triple-digit inflation. Myanmar has a population of approximately 55 million, and is about the size of the state of Texas.

The need

The living standard in Myanmar is declining almost daily because of the state of the economy. Consequently, Christians have little or no funds with which to purchase Bible study material; build buildings for churches, Bible schools, or orphanages; or to purchase needed equipment and vehicles. In many cases, the Christian institutions that do exist have no electricity.

The students in these schools and seminaries consist of hundreds of young men and women who have committed themselves to full-time Christian service—that of pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, or nursery and orphanage workers. Most, however, have no funds with which to pay tuition, or room and board.

Myanmar also is teeming with orphans. This is primarily due to:

  • Many parents die young, due to poor diet and lack of medical prevention, leaving children who have no place to go, except to the streets.

  • When there is a divorce, if the new husband does not want the children of the previous husband, the wife must put the children out on the streets.

  • When a child of Buddhist parents professes Christianity, the parents will often put them out of the house, leaving them no place to live but on the streets.

As a result of these factors, many Bible schools, seminaries, and churches, with very limited resources, operate their own orphanages, where these children are given a Christian environment in which to live.


Little Door International’s work in Myanmar is fourfold:

Teaching—Several teams of men travel to Myanmar at their own expense to teach the Word of God in their Bible Schools, Seminaries, and churches. In so doing, we are trying to model good teaching styles for the students, primarily through expository messages working through the books of the Bible.

Study Materials—We help provide study tools, such as computers, generators to operate those computers, and Bible study software. We also provide the financial support and are the directors of the Myanmar Christian Literature Group which translates and prints sound Bible study material in their native languages. We have authorized the translation of the New Testament into the language of one group comprising over half a million people, who do not currently have a reliable translation of God’s Word. (They are currently using a very poor and unreliable paraphrase of the Bible.)

Land and Buildings—We are financially underwriting the purchase of land and buildings for Bible schools, seminaries, churches, day schools, and orphanages. The people who are involved with these institutions are simply too poor to build these facilities without help. We provide the funds, general planning, and oversight, but we work with the local people who do the construction work.

Self-supporting Cottage Industries—Not knowing how long we will be allowed to work in Myanmar, we are attempting to place each entity—the schools, seminaries, and the orphanages and day care centers—into some form of small business to help them support themselves.

Thus far we have purchased for them farms, a sewing business, retail stores, and a small trucking operation. We also are exploring other industries, such as a purified water business.

We do not want the people and institutions to be dependent on us or other westerners, but to be able to take care of themselves. We believe this part of our work not only helps remove that dependency, but also teaches good habits as the people learn how to operate small businesses. Our goal is that each ministry will be able to provide for its own needs in the future.


  • Myanmar Bible Seminary
  • Victory Bible Institute
  • Reformed Baptist Bible College
  • Reformed Baptist Church
  • Victorious Boulsang Orphanage
  • Discipleship Training School
  • Peniel Bible College and Seminary
  • Peniel Childcare Centre (Orphanage)
  • Victory Community Church
  • Emmanuel Theological Seminary
  • Emmanuel Day Care Center
  • Myanmar for Christ Bible College
  • Mercy Nursery School
  • Jehovah-Jireh Orphanage
  • Myanmar Christian Literature Group