Gospel of Mark

One last charge, Pastor John Waldrup, May 12, 2013 Download

Power of Love, Pastor John McCarty, May 5, 2013 Download

Lessons from the Tomb, Pastor Marshall Smithson, April 28, 2013, Download

It is Finished, Pastor John McCarty, April 21, 2013, Download

“Why”, Why did Jesus have to die? Pastor John McCarty, April 14, 2013, Download

I’d Rather Have Barabbas, Pastor Marshall Smithson, April 7, 2013, Download

The Weakness of the Flesh, the power of His Grace, Pastor John Waldrup, Mar 24, 2013, Download

Folly in High Places, Pastor John McCarty, Mar 17, 2013 Download

Never a Bad Day, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Mar 10, 2013 Download

A Haughty Spirit comes before a fall, Pastor John McCarty, Mar 3, 2013 Download

The New Norm, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Feb 10, 2013 Download

A Lasting Legacy, Pastor John Waldrup, Jan 27, 2013 Download

Watch Out, Pastor John Waldrup, Jan 20, 2013 Download

Run for the Hills, Pastor John McCarty, Jan 13, 2013 Download

Reckless Giving, Pastor John Waldrup, Dec 30, 2012 Download

A Solemn Warning, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Dec 16, 2012 Download

Pushed to Ponder, Pastor John Waldrup, Dec 9, 2012 Download

How Then Shall We Love God, Pastor John McCarty, Dec 2, 2012 Download

Debunking the Straw-Man, Pastor John Waldrup, Nov 18, 2012 Download

The Enemy of my Enemy, Pastor John McCarty, Nov 4, 2012 Download

A call to faithfulness, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Oct 28, 2012 Download

Sacrificing Truth for the sake of convenience, Pastor John Waldrup, Oct 14, 2012 Download

The Characteristics of True Faith, Pastor Marshall Smithson,  Oct 7, 2012 Download

The Dwelling Place of the Most High God, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Sept 30, 2012 Download

The Power to Curse, Pastor John Waldrup, Sept 23, 2012 Download

A Single Exception, Pastor John McCarty, Sept 16, 2012 Download

Healing the blind beggar, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Sept 9, 2012 Download

An ungodly quest for power, Pastor John Waldrup, Sept 2, 2012 Download

Hearing The Gospel, Pastor John McCarty, Aug 26, 2012 Download

God of the Impossible, Pastor Marshall Smithson, Aug 19, 2012, Download

Withholding the Gospel, Pastor John Waldrup, Aug 12, 2012 Download

Don’t You Dare, Pastor John McCarty, Aug, 5, 2012 Download

Marriage and Divorce, Pastor Marshall Smithson, July 29, 2012 Download

Mirror, Mirror; On the Wall…Are We All Really That Ugly, Pastor John Waldrup, July 22, 2012 Download

The dullness of unenlightened minds, Pastor John McCarty, July 15, 2012 Download

Lessons in faith, Pastor Marshall Smithson, July 8, 2012 Download

The Transfiguration, Pastor, John Waldrup, July 1, 2012 Download

Butting Heads with the Truth, Part 2, Pastor John Waldrup, June 3, 2012, Download

Butting Heads with the Truth, Pastor John Waldrup, May 27, 2012 Download

Dealing With Impractical Considerations, Pastor John Waldrup, May 13, 2012, Download

He Does All Things Well, Pastor John McCarty, May 6, 2012 Download

Collateral Blessings, Pastor Marshall Smithson, April 29, 2012 Download

Abundant Need, Amazing Grace, Pastor Marshall Smithson, April 1, 2012 Download

Seeing spooks on a troubled sea, Pastor John Waldrup, March 25, 2012, Download

An Everlasting Feast, Pastor Marshall Smithson, March 18, 2012 Download

Truth or Consequences, Pastor John McCarty/ March 11, 2012 Download

Portrait of a Christ Centered Ministry, Pastor Marshall Smithson, March 4, 2012 Download

A Contemptuous State of Mind, Pastor John McCarty, Feb 26th, 2012, Download

A reason to hope, Marshall Smithson, Feb 19, 2012 Download

Deliverance Pastor John Waldrup, Feb 12, 2012 Download

What Manner of Man is This, Pastor John McCarty, February 5, 2012 Download

The Greatness of the Kingdom of God, Pastor John Waldrup, January 29, 2012, Download

Principles of truth and stewardship, Pastor John Waldrup, January 22, 2012 Download

The Parable of the Sower, Pastor John Waldrup, January 15, 2012 Download

A changed relationship, Burma Missions Director Marshall Smithson, January 8, 2012 Download

The Unpardonable Sin, Pastor John Waldrup, January 1st, 2012 Download

What a Savior, Burma Missions Director Marshall Smithson, Dec 18, 2011, download

The Practice of Discernment, Pastor John Waldrup, Dec 11, 2011 Download

The Grain Field Encounter, Pastor Vic Connell, Dec 4, 2011 Download

The Bridegroom and His Bride, Burma Missions Director Marshall Smithson, Nov 27, 2011 Download

A Singular and Specific Love Pastor John Waldrup, Nov 20, 2011 Download

Who is this Man who forgives sin? Pastor John McCarty, Nov 13, 2011 Download

Come and be Cleansed Elder Tony Floyd, Nov 6, 2011 Download

The Solitary Place, Pastor John Waldrup, Oct 23, 2011 Download

The Devil, demons, diseases and Jesus Pastor John McCarty, Oct 16, 2011 Downloadssaz

Anatomy of a call, Burma Missions Director Marshall Smithson, Oct 9, 2011 Download

Who is this Jesus and what does He want Pastor John Waldrup, Oct 2, 2011 Download

The Gospel of Mark, Pastor John McCarty, Sept 25, 2011 Download